accessories for path+?


looking for a few accessories to make the path+ more work commute friendly.... any tips?

1. front basket... (i know, not very sporty, but need it to be more practical)
2. rear panniers... i've read that the rack is a bit wider than standard racks? any panniers that fits without modifications?
3. lights.... i've been trying to figure out what 'prewired for lights' really mean... looked at the supernova and the busch muller's... would prefer to spend less than $100 for headlights and tail lights. wrote an email to revolights to see if any of their products would fit, but woud like to have a 2nd option anyways.
4. locks... leaning towards kryptonite series 2 u locks since all the high tech stuff are either pre-ordered or like $200....

what tools/accessories do you guys carry on an ebike? just the flats kit or anthing else?

thanks in advance!
  1. Cygolite Metro 500 Lights
  2. Axiom panniers are a great value but I suggest you get one at REI or Bicycle Space ( a great shop in DC with 30+ years experience, ask for Paul) to ensure the fitting is correct.
  3. Change the rear tire to Schwalbe Marathon Plus 700 x 38 and you won't have to deal with patch kit, tools etc
  4. ABUS Bordo Granit x-plus lock. Very compact and easy to carry lock.
Enjoy your ride.
+1 on the Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500. Video here.
Rock Concepts B-Pod Bike Basket - Folds flat, works on front handlebar and most rear racks. Look here.

Good luck.

PS, If I had solid steel tires I would carry a welder... I've gotten flats far from help:eek: I always carry a patch kit! OR carry a phone and have a friend on standby. OR don't go far from home. If it has air, it can and will at some point go flat.
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