A newbie muse...something to extend ebike range...


...a perpetual motion machine...lol

Now, I know somebody has probably thought about this...but has anybody tried to come up with a recharging system for e-bike batteries based upon the notion of creating EMF off a rotating wheel? That is, kinda like an alternator (wouldn't be too dissimilar than a drive system - perhaps without the weight) to add charge back to the battery?


PDX Dave
There are lighting systems that generate electricity this way....but the amount of electricity generated is very small, although enough to light up an LED light.

And of course this is no different than ebikes that recapture some energy through regenerative braking. Any energy you capture would have been put into the wheel by your legs or the motor to begin with.
It just seems to be something that would extend range. It's probably a consideration fraught with overthinking, but I can't help to think there's the possibility to capture some extra charge.

Something to think about for the future maybe. I'm sure it would have some weight consequence.