A Juiced CrossCurrent with 250 Watt motor an 15/16 mph limitation?


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Hi, I'm from Cologne in Germany and I think the Juiced CrossCurrent is a very stylish and well designed e-bike with a perfect assistance algorithm: you have to pedal to get additional power from the motor. But, if you want to use it legal in Germany, on bike lanes etc., there is this EU-regulation, which says that the speed must be limited to 15/16 mph (motor cuts of) and only a max. 250 motor is allowed. Would a CrossCurrent with this limitations still make sense in your opinion? I would not need those Tektro brakes for exampel, right? And the concept would be counteracted, right: the thing is, that you pedal hard and get more speed for the work, which would be senseless with a 15/16 mph limitation... What do you think? (No, I don't want the insurance thing and it must be ridable without license.)
I'm curious if exporting the CC to EU is as easy as reprogramming the bike to have a 250 watt mode and limiting the speed to 15MPH OR if EU requires an actual different motor entirely (I'm sure Bafang already makes that). I'm guessing it's the latter otherwise Juiced would have done it already. But also consider that it's tough to establish an EU dealer network and direct shipping to a customer wouldn't be cost effective unless they were to do it directly from China.
There is a bike for sale in the UK called the Cyclotricity Stealth which has either 500w or 1000w electric motor, yet the bike is road legal in the EU. It's sold in the default mode of 250w, restricted to 25 km, but by tapping in a code on the LCD display, the bike's motor is unrestricted for off roading, (purchaser must sign waiver) and they say can reach speeds of 32k. So i'd say it's probably possible to reprogram the CC 350w motor for the European market based on that.
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