a hauling ebike with long mileage.


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Thanks for responding ahead of time.
I have about 2-2.5k I can spend.
I am 6'3" and 210-225lbs.
I generally carry about 50-55# of gear in a trailer for fishing and camping.
I live in an area that has extreme's when it comes to weather, think 30-45 during the winter time as highs and around 90-100 during the summer time.
I am needing an ebike in that price range that will get good mileage and be able to carry my trailer with stuff in it.

I have an aventon sinch step thru. Should I get another ebike or just get another battery to get me where I wanna go? I notice where I am at that I get slower speeds up hills than other ebikes(the rad power bike seems to be popular here) it could be that I am carrying more than what the bike can handle in that respect but even without the trailer its still slower than other bikes.
You're on a 500w rear hub folder with a 14ah battery. I'm not surprised the range and speed arent ideal with ~330lb of stuff going uphill. How much range are you getting and how much do you want/need?

Do you want/need a folder?
Your frame is not the problem. The 10t 500 w motor, the 12 A controller, are the problem. Buy a 12t 750 w geared rear motor. 12t gives more torque at lower speeds than a 10T. You need more amps 25 or so if the motor will take it. I've seen a 12t bafang geared hub somewhere, and I really liked my 12t 1000 w cutler Mac, accelerated 330 lb from a dead stop up 15% grades to ~7 mph without pedal help. Use torque arms with a higher torque motor, they can spin out of the slot otherwise. The Mac12t would go 23 mph on the flat with me sitting vertically and 2 panniers, whereas a 10t motor would go 25 mph or higher.
Then a 21 AH or 25 AH battery would extend range. connections from it to the controller are up to you. I use 12 ga wire with Dorman crimp connectors from an auto supply. Insulated .250" flag terminals, and .157" bullet terminals which all are insulated. ****ese copies will melt out @ 25 A. 3M T&B Panduit TE connectivity (AMP) terminals are even better. Use a Klien or Ideal tool to crimp them thoroughly.
I've packed my battery in an aluminum frame to screw to the bike. Forget integrating something that big with the OEM mount point.
As far as a different bike, nobody is selling 12t motors in a bike. Some are selling 24" wheels, which automatically give more torque than a 26". Radwagon is 22" tires which since their OEM tires were recalled pretty much can't be bought.
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