6'2" and wanting to comfortably pedal on a RadMini Step-Thru v2 - Doable?


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Anyone else of a similar height and liking their RadMini Step-Thru and can offer me some assurance that I won't regret buying one (over a different model)?

Background: We just started getting back into cycling with our full-sized non-electric city/hybrid bikes, but I want an e-bike so that I can take it farther and get up hills when I'm too tired to deal with them.

I'm thinking about pulling the trigger and ordering two of the RadMini Step-Thru bikes for us. I really like the step-thru design, and also like these folding models because we have a small (16') center console boat and I've entertained the idea of taking them with us, beaching the boat, and tooling around on some beach area, but I'm not sure if that will ever happen (it's a lot of weight to be lugging in and out of a boat and would eat up a lot of space on such a small boat), and we have an SUV with a hitch bike rack, so I don't really need the folding aspect from a vehicle transport perspective, either. But still, those possibilities that the folding flexibility adds appeals to me.

My big concern, though, is with the geometry. I'm 6'2" (~210 lbs) and I want to be able to get some real exercise with this and not just use it as a moped. Rad's website recommends against this bike for my height, but I've read that some have swapped out the seat post for a longer post and been happy enough. Searching on this subject doesn't bring up much hits, so I'm hoping this post will get the attention of other tallish RadMini Step-Thru owners.
Hi CT-Scott,
I think the RADMini ST is an excellent purchase. I stand just under 6' and as you probably read in my posts, switched to the cushioned seat post along with a Cloud 9 seat. We have roads full of pot holes and the extra cushioning really helps. The accessory cushioned seat post is also thicker and longer than the stock seat post, and can be extended without losing strength. Mine rests at the bottom so the seat height is exactly 30", which is fine for me. You should be able to extend the cushioned bar up to at least five inches which should be adequate for your height and get full extension of your legs while pedaling.
I received an email from RPB a few days ago stating that the price had dropped by about $200. For a pair of bikes, that's a serious savings that should not be passed up. I don't know how long the offer was for, but a good chance there are some still available. It also applied to the high-bar design, which I also have and find very little difference when riding. I wouldn't hesitate and good luck with your purchase. These are excellent bikes for campers taking little scouting adventures, and I wouldn't worry about the folding aspect because they have very strong, stable builds. I live on a downhill where I can reach as much as 40MPH at the bottom and there is never any indication of flex or wobble to be concerned about. Good luck, and happy trails...
I recently got one as back up for my Rad Rover and because I can fold it up to fit in the back of my Kia Soul to easily transport to other areas to ride. I'm 5'11 and have no problem riding it. I saw a video showing a side by side Rover ST and Mini ST comparison by a guy 6'2" and he said he had no problem riding it either. Plus it's on sale at the moment!
I'm 6' and fairly long legged and I find my RadMini Step thru a hair too small, even with the handlebars and seat set to the maximum heights. However that doesn't stop me from riding the crap out of it.
I've thought of adding a longer seat post, but my main issue is the handlebars are not tall enough and the taller seat would only accentuate the handlebar issue, so I've left mine as is. I'd probably be a bit more comfortable on a larger bike, but the portability more than makes up for the compromise. I may make some changes down the road, but I have gotten used to it and really enjoy riding the RadMini.
Just to provide an update:

I went ahead and ordered two of the RadMini Step-Thru 2 models. Excited and looking forward to their arrival. I'll provide another update once they arrive and I've had some riding experience with mine.
Now I'm really jealous! RPB just lowered the price on both RADMini models permanently by $200.
For those looking for an e-bike and don't get the regular notices from RAD Power Bikes, this is a real steal at $1300 when considering the pricing on most everything else is increasing.
When I bought my Minis, fenders had to be ordered as an extra along with rear and front racks, which most people want. I even had to pay shipping on my last purchase so the total had another $300 tacked onto the regular $1500 price.
New purchasers will get fenders and can probably even get free shipping. I get free shipping notices all the time.
Understandably they sold out inventory on the Minis but have a batch of both models due again in September and October. Don't miss out. I read somewhere that the Mini is now outselling the Rover, which was always the most popular until just recently.
350 mm x 27.2 mm
Some seat posts may be too long and bottom out leaving the seat too high to ride comfortably.
RPB could solve some problems for overweight riders by using heavier stock for the seat post.
As is, the safety line is up near the center of the post, so several inches of post are lost that are otherwise still useful for lightweights.
Lightweights are also usually shorter and probably won't need the extra height anyway.
A post with thicker walls however, will have the safety line closer to the end.

How long is stock Rad Mini seat post?

Kinekt is 420mm
OK, so we've had our RadMinis for a few weeks now and I'm really loving it. My wife feels like we're "cheating" on our excercise and sometimes suggests that we take our non-electric hybrid bikes out to get "a better workout" but I prefer these because we can take them farther distances, up steeper hills, etc., and basically not be limited as to where we want to go.

Complaints: I have my seat post set to the maximum recommended limit and I'm not getting enough leg extension. I've been really liking the front shock absorption, so I'm thinking I'd like to get a longer seat post that also adds some shock absorption.

Rad sells the SR Suntour SP12 NCX Seatpost for $109 (currently out of stock, but I can find it elsewhere). It looks like that one is 400mm.

You've linked to a Kinekt seatpost that looks to be offered in lengths up to 420mm (price starting around $270). Is this one you own and like?

Looking for other suggestions/recommendations. Thanks!
Hi Scott,

One of the best accessories that I added to my Aventon Level was a Kinekt seatpost. I am 6'02" and weigh 220#, so I went with the XL2 version. For use on an eBike, they recommend adding 20 pounds to your weight when selecting a version of their seatposts. At 210#, you are right between their two versions, so you would have to make an honest choice based on whether you thought your weight may increase, decrease, or stay the same in the future. If increase or stay the same, I would go with the XL2 version. As far as the seatpost and suspension system, it is probably the more expensive option when it comes to a suspension seatpost, but it is also very well made and of a simple design that just works, and it works very well. It took me a few rides until I got used to just sitting back on the seat when passing over rough terrain, allowing it to do its thing, and I am very happy with mine.