6000 foot Climb 25 mile ride


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This is a very active forum so I am posting here.
Has anyone here on their Stromer attempted a long steep climb?
Is so, any complications/concerns (motor getting hot ect...)?

This weekend I am going to attempt to tackle the 33rd toughest climb in the USA in Tucson on my Eflow Nitro E3.
Well, sorry but I was ill prepared for all of the rain, hail, wind, and freezing temperatures. It was 70 degrees and dry at the base of Mt. Lemmon and a whole different world near the top of the mountain. I got as far as nearly 8,000 feet before I shut her down and turned around due to impending hypothermia. I rode level assist 1 for the first 12 miles then switched to level assist 2 for the next 5 miles. I climbed a total of 5400 feet in about 17 miles. At mile 15 I experienced an "over current limit" and had to turn off the bike for a minute before continuing. Otherwise, the bike did excellent! The bike computer displayed only 1 bar and some change of use. Don't know how accurate it is but I definitely still had a decent amount of juice left.
Here are few pictures of my journey. I will attempt this again in better shape along with warmer clothing combined with hopefully better weather. I averaged 10.4 mph.

Feel free to share any mountain adventures Stromer people. :)

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