5Degree Hill. 1.5mi. Opinions?

Jose Manuel

New Member
Hell all,

I am looking to purchase a Hub Kit for my bike. At the moment, from what iv'e read, the mid drive are good but i really don't want to convert my bike into one for several reasons. That being said, i am veering towards the hub kit. In addition, my commute is only 3 miles long. During the last stretch, a long distance of 1.5mi, i encounter a hill with about a 5gradient slope(elevation of 250ish ft). Currently, i can pedal and make it up to the top breaking a small sweat(depending how hard i pedal). I want to purchase a kit that will assist me in climbing the hill to make it a little faster up and minimize breaking the sweat. I don't mind pedaling and won't rely heavily on the throttle only. What do you guys think the best kit for my needs are??

Ideally i would prefer not to spend more than $1000 and the cheaper the better.
I currently ride a Giant Escape.

Thank you all