52v battery?


Has anyone tried a 52v battery with their RadPower bike?

This one looks like it will fit: http://lunacycle.com

And here they talk about 52v vs. 48v batteries, and how controllers for 48v should work for 52v, with 'should' being the operative word. I'm not too excited about the possibility of melting the components on my bike. https://www.electricbike.com/52v-battery-3077-fet/

My commute is long and me+bike+cargo=over 400lbs, so a 2nd battery will enable me to go above PA1. I ended up opting for this one http://lunacycle.com, but curious if anyone else has strayed from RadPower-supplied batteries.
How do you hook up the battery (wiring, etc) to the bike? I assume it does not fit in the same slot as the original battery.
actually it did, both are dolphin packs. Which is good, because i use both batteries to get to work (long commute at full power for the entire trip)
I am new to the ebike world, so just to clarify, are you saying that if I bought the 13.5 ah panasonic battery from Lunacycle, I could slide it into the RadMini
and it would connect to the 2 posts on the bike. I am confused because the batteries are not the same shape. The Rad bike battery has a curved side to slide against
the frame of the bike.
Out of curiosity... what is the advantage of 52V over 48V? Seems like such a small increase... is $450+ really worth (what I would imagine is) a tiny increase in range?
@psychl no it won't work on the mini. The rover and the wagon both use dolphin pack batteries like the Luna 52v dolphin pack I linked earlier, but the mini uses a different sort of battery. Luna probably has that one too though, so if you can figure out exactly what it is and what sort of connector is required, they can probably sell you a 2nd one if you need/want one.

@sakau2007 yes it's not a huge increase, and no it's not worth the money as an upgrade IMO. I bought a 2nd battery to increase my range. If you don't need to do that, then there's no reason to look beyond the battery that came with it.
Thanks for clearing that up for me. The placement of the Rad Mini battery would allow for a taller battery if one were made. The Blix Vika+ (among others) from Sweden puts the battery in the same location as the Mini but the Blix lets you tilt the seat up to remove the battery easily.