48v Pansonic GA 17.5ah Black Killer Whale Ebike Pack from Luna Cycles

I was thinking about getting a spare battery for my Radrover because I use 1-2 bars more on a +20 miles ride trying to keep up with my wife (I'm 270lbs and she is 130lbs).

Looks like the tray the battery sits on has a longer raised lip near the bottom where the battery power connects?

How much more range/power does this battery give you compared to the standard one? Don't want to carry a second battery around if this one can do the trick.
You will need to replace the tray IF the battery itself will fit within the triangle. It looks like it's a couple of inches longer than the original so it might be too tight, if I was close to my Rover I'd measure the triangle to get a better feel...

The 48v Dolphin is a direct replacement, (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
I agree with mrgold. The whale bracket looks quite different from a dolphin bracket.

Range on an e-bike is proportional to the AH rating of the battery. The Luna whale is 17.5AH, which is 52% more than the standard 11.5AH radrover. So figure 50% more range. If you got 30 miles before, now you got 45, etc. If you're a battery miser and got 40, that bigger battery promises 60.

Looking at the 13.5AH vs 11.5AH Dolphins, there's a 17% increase. Same math.

Actual mileage of course depends on average speed, wind, rider weight, and how much you pedal, but assume that doesn't change much, and you can simplify it to the AH rating of the battery.

Since they also sell the regular dolphin pack, probably be best to ask Luna directly and confirm the measurements at the same time.
Thanks for the insight, just looking to extend range. Looks like carrying two the (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) is the easiest solution. Thanks all
@MazzyScar This pack will give you more range at the same Ah, or you can add 2 more Ah for $30:

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

Plus, your Radrover will have better acceleration, torque, and top-speed. I did this to mine the first month and the controller and motor handles the increased voltage fine. The stock system is very overbuilt for the amperage and voltage that RPB chose to run through the system.
I'm not 100% sure what would be the better solution: long range+high power 48v 13.5ah for $459 OR long range + high power cell 52v 13.5ah for $435?

The 52v 13.5ah looks like a more powerful battery pack AND has a cheaper price; which, doesn't make sense to pay more for less with the 48v version? I'm thinking it might be a typo on the website for the 52v version.
MrGold, 435 is for the 11.5ah the 52v 13.5ah is 465. I just ordered one last Sunday. It should be here next Tuesday.

Thanks for the clear up!

I'm hoping the battery upgrade will fit exactly like the old battery. I added a Luna Cycle cover; but, that doesn't look like it takes up too much additional space with the old battery.

I would like to hear about any performance and range boost with the new battery once you make your rounds with it. We had a wind storm move in yesterday with 25 mph head winds and 30-35 mph gust for my +6 mile ride home (and +500 feet in elevation gain). I was 100% charged at work and arrived home at 2 bars. The Radrover was between 500-740 watts the whole time. Might not of made it home if I lived +10 miles out.

A little extra range and power wouldn't hurt.
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@walawn I'm considering going 52V on my Radwagon....but are you able to use your existing 48V charger? Or must a 52V charger be purchased too?
Hi Walawn, did you get the 52v 13.5 ah battery and if so does it fit the radrover's battery mount? Does the radrover charger work with it and finally do you notice more torque on hills and farther range. Thanks in advance.
@hfk2 Yes I did and it does fit since the case is the same dimensions as the stock one. You will need a 52V charger. Yes there is more range, torque, acceleration, and top speed versus the stock battery. You will notice the difference most when hot off of the charger (read: 58.8V).
Okay, so I got my Luna 52v 13.5h dolphin pack. I got the advanced charger which shows how many volts the battery is at. Full charge is around 58 volts, a bit more. I took my bike for a 3 mile ride and the difference I noticed is that it starts faster from a dead stop with the throttle. I'm pleased that it fits right in the same holder that saves some work and also means I now have 2 batteries. I want to do full range test. I would have went farther today but it 32 degrees out and I'm still trying to figure out how many clothes I need to wear. My hands and chest got a bit cold today. I'll wear a heavier outer jacket next time and I have warmer gloves too.
@woodusa I would recommend a battery back and to add insulation to the bag. Batteries dislike extreme cold or heat, and that can degrade the performance. A battery is basically a chemical reaction and temperature can slow it down. Think about how many car batteries die in the winter. I've added bags and insulation to both of my ebikes.