4.8" Jumbo Jims on a Rover


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I have been eyeing Schwalbe Jumbo Jims in the 4" variety for a while. none of my LBS' had any in stock and neither did amazon (for an ok price). I went to another LBS I have never been to and they had them in 4.8". a few installed on bikes I was looking at and a bunch for sale. I caved and bought 4.8" a member of the rad facebook group installed maxxis 4.8's on his bike so I was hoping I would have similar luck with the Jumbo jims fitting my bike.

They do!






Nice! I would've thought the chain would rub the tire on the lowest gear. There isn't much clearance for the chain, even with the stock 4" tires.
So I have about 5 singletrack trips on these tires now.. I am running them as 13 psi rear and 12 psi front and I have nothign but good things to say, they feel great, have so much air in them that it feels like im riding a FS bike.. also, I upgraded the rotors to Shimano RT66 SLX and am happy with them as well.


I just replaced my rear tire with a jumbo jim 4" one.

I was already running (ghetto meaning with a slashed inner tube) tubeless (which came handy at one time when it sealed a puncture in the front tire).

Couldn't fit the jumbo jim tire the normal way (I taped and sealed my wheel for that purpose). Very easy to do with the slashed inner tube.