2023 Vado 4.0 Phone Mount Options


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Looking for recommendations on Vado 4.0 phone mounts.

I'm looked at the Quad Lock and I don't see how the Out Front mount or out front mount pro would work on this bike due to the handle bar design and the fact that the MasterMind TCU is in the way, and stem mount seems to be ruled out for the Vado 4.0 because the stem is so small.

Anyone got any suggestions? Or maybe i'm wrong about the Quad Lock?

Pictures of your phones mounted and the mount you used would be awesome.
I've been using the Quad Lock for many months, it's the only one that holds the phone reliably among the several mounts I've tried. I used in on my stock Vado 3.0 handlebars, and now on the Spank Spoon handlebar. Not sure if this is the model you're looking at, but gratuitous photos:
Bare mount:
With the case I use for my phone. Sorry if I put the phone in that case, the picture would be of the ground. ;)

Ahh I see that big blue tab that sticks out can be rotated from side to side it appears. Thank you for confirmation that the quad lock works!!!
I use quad lock also. 2 different phones, 2 different bikes. The motorcycle mount allows for different angles but still works on most bike handlebars. The nice thing is once you buy the mount option, it is only a matter of matching the case to the phone. Quad lock has a new mount system that has magnets, but is still compatible with the older cases. Not all phones are supported.

On the pixel 5, the case was not flat and i switched cases according to the moment. With my note 20 ultra and the quad lock case, it is actually damn near perfect, and i use the case nonstop.