2021 Explore E+ 2 GTS


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Northern VA
I purchased a 2021 Giant Roam E+ GTS back in July of 2021. I originally wanted the Explore E+ 2, but there were none available near me. The Roam is a great bike, and I really enjoyed riding it, but once an Explore was available, I jumped at the opportunity to purchase it. First, the Explore is stunning to look at with its blue color, and feels well built. On my first ride, I immediately knew I made the right decision, as the drive train/motor was somewhat more responsive than the SyncDrive Core motor on the Roam. Again, this is taking nothing from the Roam, but for $700 dollars more, you get a better motor, Class 3 rating, integrated rack, fenders, lights, controller with usb charging port, and a color display. This is just a better deal, for not that much more money.

With my Roam, I could get roughly 80 to 85 miles per charge, in ECO mode. I have found that I can do the same with the SyncDrive Life motor that powers the Explore E+ 2. Although it only has 10 nm more in torque, the Explore feels stronger, especially when you use “auto mode”, than the Roam. This is a great e-bike, and Giant is doing extremely well.