2020 Rad Rover brake caliper


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I think I need a new front brake caliper. The other day my front brakes stopped working. Put the bike on a lift and adjusted the inside until the wheel wouldn't turn then back off one click and the wheel turned freely. Then I adjusted the cable but it won't stop the wheel from turning. Everything looks like it's working but it does not seem to be pushing the outside pad into the rotor. I checked the pads and they are fine. I guess my main question is where do I find one as they are not listed on Rads parts page.
Rad has lots of parts available that they don’t bother to list on the site. I assume you loosened the caliper mounting bolts and did the whole alignment?
Make sure the cable sheathing didn’t jump out at either end.

What I find easiest is to set one of the thumb adjustments so it can be screwed back in some which loosens the cable. Then after loosening the mounting bolts and adjusting the inside pad in a half turn, squeeze the brakes real tight while tightening the mounting bolts. This should result in the pads rubbing some but then you adjust the inside pad out some then screw the thumb adjustment back in until they stop rubbing. No need for shims with this method.

Make sure the driven pad is not pushing the rotor against the metal caliper instead of the inside pad.
Took it all apart,put it back together,and now it's working fine again. We'll see how long. I've no use for hydraulic brakes. Rarely use the brakes I have and the last couple of rides were with just rear brakes which was fine too.