2013 Nitro for sale

So, I’ve recently acquired and revived a 2013 eFlow Nitro (red lettering). Unfortunately, I was under the impression that all Nitros were 28 MPH bikes, but mine will only do 20. Since I am wanting a 28 MPH ebike, plus the fact that regen isn't anywhere near strong enough for road use, I've decided to sell the Nitro. The caveat with this one is that it has a DIY battery pack on it, and since my welding skills aren't at the pack retrofit level quite yet, I've had to convert it to a rack-mounted bag battery since it wouldn't fit in the seat tube. I'm willing to sell the bike as-is to someone that has experience building their own packs, but otherwise am offering it either as a no-battery eFlow or as individual parts.

I have no idea what this bike is worth (overall in good condition with some scuffs and 200 miles on the clock. I see new-old stock selling for $1,200), so if anyone is interested, make me an offer. I have about $800 into it between new cells, a battery welder, the bag, and the rear rack.


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You wouldn't happen to have a extra battery management part for this? I just posted this

looking for 2013 eflow nitro parts or ideas to fix​