2 piston vs 4 piston brake pad lifespan.


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I commute 42 miles round trip in the hilly and (sub)urban Seattle area on a Priority Current, class 3 ebike, with the stock 2 piston 180mm rotors. After 3,000 miles I have replaced the brake pads (sintered) 4 times, so ~750 miles or ~every 18 riding days. Anyone have experience with upgrading to 180mm 4 piston brakes in regard to achieving a longer lifespan? How about a larger disc? Most the conversation I have seen only discusses braking power/distance/descents specifically.

thats a lot of wear in that time. I would think it's the pads myself. on our e tandem that clocks in at 400 pounds we get about 2000 or a bit less on Shimano metal or ceramic pads. we go down 18% grades and other steep decent were we cant go fast. you can stop faster with 4 piston or bigger rotors so that wood cut wear a bit.
Yes I agree there brake pads needing replaced under 1k miles is to much.Contributing factors are combined weight rider and bike naturally friction material will wear out with heavy riders and bike, braking techniques some riders hold the brake even on slight decent will also cause premature wear. It won't hurt switch to larger rotors and 4 piston caliper up forward, it helps dissipate heat better than small rotor. 180 mm 2 piston rear if not racing is okay.
I use 220 mm forward 203 aft. 4 piston both end its how it is equipped from dealer
I average 4-4.5k miles yearly. Once a year I replace pads with new I keep old ones because they are still reasonably thick.
Not sure if I will use it again.