12V to 120V charger to use with Stromer

I would like to know if anyone has tried using a 12V to 120V charger in their vehicle--plugging it into the cigar lighter--and plugging the Stromer battery charger into the car charger to be able to charge Stromer batteries while driving on a trip? I am wondering if the chargers (roughly $20 to $60) can handle the output/wattage needed to charge a Stromer battery?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Burned out my 2 outlets in my Subaru trying it. Some where on this board is a post where the electrics were explained but a 12 volt system needs so much current it isn't close, don't try until you do a little more research.
If you hard wire 10 gage or heavier wire from the battery and use hd connectors to a 750 watt inverter, you should be ok. The inverter is 20% loss and the charger has a 15% loss. And those inverters are over rated so you need a good one

Agree with optimal that using a lighter plug for continuous heavy use is a bad idea
What is the watt rating on the charger? Going through the lighter type plug is not a great idea, like people have said. It gets annoying if you want to run the 10 gauge wire, as @Llcjay said, back into the cabin from the engine area.