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    Hello from Norway

    Hello, and thanks for letting me into this community. I own two ebikes. One new Turbo Levo 2020 and one Haibike Sduro 2016. I have some Technical problems with my Haibike and hope to get support through this community. Can someone please direct me to a good thread where I can share my Haibike...
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    Loss of power / sduro hardnine rc 2015 (Yamaha PW)

    Hello to everyone, I'm new here, this is my first post :) Anyway, I got a second-hand Haibike sduro hardnine RC 2015, (Yamaha PW) in a fair condition. I am new to ebikes, just have it for a month. Now, the motor was running just fine, but a couple of days ago, I have noticed a significant loss...
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    Yamaha PW motor bearings service

    I've recently watched the video from performancelinebearings.com I noticed he used some kind of hydraulic machine to get out some of the bearings. I was considering doing the bearings myself but I don't have such a machine + it's too expensive for using once every year or two. Those of you on...