vado 5.0

  1. D

    Vado SL and kids seat?

    Hello, I am about to buy a Vado SL 5 eq to ride in the Alps. But I am also used to take my kids around on my current bike for small rides to town or to school. I carry them around on a saddle installed on the frame of the bike (see pic attached). I have a question to the Vado SL 5 owners amongst...
  2. V

    Vado 5.0 Front Headlight Adjustment

    Hello, does anyone know what size tool I need to adjust the angle of my front headlamp on the 2020 Vado 5.0? Thanks
  3. K

    Vado 5.0 SL front light connector

    Hello, I just got this new bike and I am struggling to connect it to the bike (picture attached). From the look of the connector, it looks to be broken. Can anybody advise? It is supposed to go in the lower stem section. If I need to order it, what part number is it? Thank you in advance.
  4. Kaskades

    From a Buffalo to a Gazelle, First Ride Turbo Vado 5.0 EQ

    I just upgraded my Buffalo (IZip E3 Moda) at 55 lbs to a Gazelle (Turbo Vado 5.0 EQ) at 35 lbs. I used the E3 Moda as a commuter bike and put 1987 miles on it in two years (I don't ride November to February). My goal with the Vado is a nimbler bike to use on my commutes into Portland...