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  1. J.R.

    Budget Buys - 1st eBike

    Post your best tips to budget buys!
  2. D

    Easy Motion Evo Cross (2018) for sale Dallas, TX

    The seat has been replaced with an aftermarket seat for more comfort, comes with a luggage rack installed. This bike has spent most of its life sheltered from the elements and is well taken care of. Has only cosmetic wear, I have close up photos that I will share on request. $2300 asking...
  3. J.R.

    Be careful selling your ebike!

    Published April 22, 2021 Toronto man Tom Alfandary was selling an e-bike on Facebook Marketplace when the person looking at his e-bike sat on it and then drove it away. “I should have known not to have the bike running, but it happened so quickly. I really didn't have time to think," Alfandary...