1. S

    Quick & Dirty Topeak Tetra Review

    This is a quick blog post about the Tetra M2 Rack + Waterproof bag vs. my eMountain Bike (XM-D2). I doubt anyone on here has the same bike, but I hope this is useful to someone.
  2. D

    Handlebar Bags : Experiences & Recommendations

    I suspect that I am not the only forum member with an n+1 approach to handlebar bags. There'll always be an excuse for a new one! Only yesterday I tried out a new handlebar bag – the sixth in my collection. Perhaps, it is time to seek counselling or even give it. Here are some favourite makes...
  3. Dirty Cash

    What’s Up??? From Southern Illinois

    Hello all. Been on the forum for about a week while awaiting delivery of my 2020 Vado 4.0 in Carbon/Black/Liquid Silver. She finally arrived the other day and I am more than happy with her so far. Took her for a simple 7.5 mile initial shakedown ride to tweak the seat height/position as well...