st2 s

  1. britannic

    Replaced My Stromer ST2 S with an ST7

    I was able to pickup a demo Stromer ST7 (Gold), but sadly I have to sell my ST2 S. The ST7 is a great bike! What I like so far: Pinion Gearbox Love the auto downshift to my chosen start gear when stopped Super quiet drive train - the belt is a huge improvement Stability at speed on the...
  2. britannic

    Stromer ST2 S for Sale US/Portland

    Excellent condition, with some cosmetic wear from use. No corrosion. Offered with new Brooks ergonomic grips and new Brooks saddle. Omni unit/display has been professionally upgraded to Omni C 3G from Omni B unit. Battery is the Samsung blue 983Wh/20.5 ah Lithium-ion. Local pickup in Portland...
  3. Leon Washington

    Specialized Vs Stromer? Sorry for the repeat, but I need help

    Hello, I am new to this forum and I apologize in advance because I have seen others with my similar dilemma. Thank you for tolerating my question. I am on sabbatical from my position and am looking after my ailing grandmother. The area I currently live is a bit social economically challenged...
  4. Tara D.

    Stromer ST2 S Video Review

    Woah the Supernova light has 1600 lumens! Great for night commuting. The Stromer ST2 S is an urban racer with smooth electronic shifting, app-driven performance tuning, ultra-bright dynamic lighting that responds to braking, five levels of power regen...