1. toadsprocket

    2021 Stromer ST1 versus ST3

    Hello all, I test rode a Stromer ST3. They didn’t have an ST1 to try just one someone bought. What difference would I notice between the two bikes? What would be the difference in ride feel? Thank you
  2. M

    Just got a Stromer ST1 Elite today - second battery availability ?

    Ya, just got an ST1 from MEC today - was on sale and couldn't resist - reviews seem good and price fair compared to similar models - I like the layout of it - will see how it performs on my 50-60km commutes - it's a heavy bike but I don't mind pedaling and the exercise I'm curious if ST1...
  3. D

    ST1 recoup 2 even when battery is at 100%

    My two year old ST1 used to only display RECOUP 2 when breaking if the battery was under 70% full, which is the expected behaviour. Now i notice this happens even when the battery is at 100%, and I'm worried this is going to damage the battery by overcharging. Does anybody how this can happen...
  4. J

    ST 1 Platinum Motor Questions

    I actually have 2 of these ST1's. They are the same model and year. One has about 23,000 km on it and the other has only 4,000 km. The LESS used bike has a glitch. The "heat" warning flashes at a lower threshold (temperature) than on the other bike. The motor goes into protective mode and slows...
  5. O

    STROMER Accessories, Alteration to Specs, Configuration etc.

    I'm looking for ANY info on types of: configurations; accessories; and, alterations you've made to your STROMER. These changes to your store bought model can be for ANY MODEL STROMER as I'm equally interested in the idea:) For example What is your configuration (panniers, reflectors, water...
  6. KidWok

    Mud flaps

    Got my ST1 LE 19 months ago and have put on 6k miles so far. Last year was the wettest year on record in Seattle for quite some time. It was pretty obvious that the fenders wouldn't be long enough so I added mud flaps, as I have many times before on road and commuter bikes. I quickly...
  7. KidWok

    Ikea Sladda trailer for ST1

    FYI...The Sladda trailer at Ikea is $130 and will work with the ST1 rear axle with just a slight bit of filing to make the hole in the hitch bigger. I just took an old love seat to the dump today with it. Got a lot of laughs as it looked like I was pulling a rickshaw. Tai
  8. nashda

    Stromer ST1 Battery Fail at 50% and higher

    Has anyone else seen issues like this where you ride it, park it for a few hours, then come back to find what should be a 50%-75% battery to be totally dead where it displays "no battery" on the control screen? Some details around what I've tried: 1. A brief "jumpstart" using the charger brings...
  9. J


  10. D

    2015 Stromer ST1 Torque Sensor Issues?

    Relatively new (~1 month old) Stromer ST1 with just a little over 300 miles on it. From the start of the commute home today, the motor assist became very erratic: Assist, no assist, assist, no assist, etc. If I were to guess, it seems like an issue with the torque sensor, as the motor appeared...