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    Specialized 3.0 Vado IGH - I'm tiny but I like the feel of an M

    As the title says - I'm pretty damn small. 151 cm, so around 5'0 - inseam around 25''? This means I *really* should be an S. However the dealers are sold out for months, and I found an M today at a store and got the step-through in M. I test-rode a Tero (the only S they had in the store) and it...
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    Search options

    Hey Court It would be great to add some search criteria. Here are some ideas that would help me and maybe others. Wheel size I.e. 24 inch; rider size (I am 5’1”, anyone else?). Couple of examples. Also, I have arthritis and am finding that some features would be helpful but it’s like a needle...