short rider

  1. gioflowers

    Nitro journal, short rider edition

    Short People Would Wear Anything - My height: 5'1". Demonia Cult boots Dolls Kill boots New Rock boots I've just placed my order for a Nitro in Black. Receipt with order number received by email. The free accessory that I chose is the internal mirror. The cost of this bike is just over $2,000.00...
  2. Whatdevs

    Drowning in a sea of choices, throw me a life raft!!!!!

    Hi all, New member and new to the ebike community in general. I've been riding a Specialized stump jumper for about 12 years now but really eager to explore the world of ebikes. My use will likely be about 80% urban/neighborhood and flat trails and 20% mountain/single track/gritty terrain...