1. K

    [SOLD] 2021 Hydra - Medium Archon X1 - Seattle, WA - $4250

    As the title states I'm contemplating selling my Hydra. I paid $6,400 in June 2021 and it was delivered in late October 2021. I've put a little more than 700 miles on it since. Asking $5000 $4250. Reason for selling is that with my weight (140lb) it's just a bit too much bike to wrestle with...
  2. L

    [For Sale] Luna X2 Enduro, Large - Only 100 Miles - Bainbridge Island, WA

    For sale here is a large size Luna X2 Enduro with only 100 miles. After an injury I've decided to re-prioritize so I'm letting this go. Components: Carbon fiber frame (large - 19") 160mm RockShox Yari fork 210mm x 55mm RockShox Deluxe Select+ shock (150mm rear travel) Bafang M600 motor with...
  3. Barkme Wolf

    Seattle Group Ride

    E-Bike Meet Up Seattle April 21st
  4. KidWok

    Mud flaps

    Got my ST1 LE 19 months ago and have put on 6k miles so far. Last year was the wettest year on record in Seattle for quite some time. It was pretty obvious that the fenders wouldn't be long enough so I added mud flaps, as I have many times before on road and commuter bikes. I quickly...
  5. Bethy

    Commuter Bike - Battery Location

    I am looking to purchase a new E-Bike for my commute in the Seattle area. (And to visit my best friend, since parking is a nightmare there but she lives at the bottom of a steep hill) One thing I have noticed with the female commuter (cruiser/vintage style) bikes is that there are three main...
  6. M

    E-bike for Seattle

    I am looking for a commuter bike that can get me up some steep hills and around Seattle. Which brands would be best? I don't have a huge budget, but I'm willing to invest. I made this list of what I'm looking for: Can be ridden manually Affordable battery replacement ($300 or preferably less)...
  7. Barkme Wolf

    Electric Bike Enthusiasts Meet n Ride Seattle WA

    I admin a Facebook group for electric bike enthusiasts in the Pacific North West Area. The members would like to have a meet and ride. I am trying to put something together for mid or late April to ride from the University District to the Shilshole area (through Historic Down Town Ballard). If...
  8. E

    Seattle Electric Bike Expo July 15-17 at Southcenter Mall

    The Seattle Electric Bike Expo is July 15-17 at Southcenter Mall. Test ride the latest electric bikes at the Expo for FREE!
  9. Barkme Wolf

    Pacific NW (Seattle) E-Bike riders

    I am a noobie to the E-bike experience so I set up a group on Facebook hoping to meet enthusiasts from the area to exchange tips and hook up for group rides or camping trips. If you live in the Pacific NW and use Facebook please check it out. I keep things positive and try to upload content...