1. Ben J

    Reasons not to buy an Aventure.2

    I’m saying you shouldn’t buy it! There are lots of reviews and long-term ownership reports on the Aventure and they are mostly positive. Those reviews are all true! But there are negatives to the bike. That’s all I’m listing here. If you want a balanced view of the bike, you need to go look at...
  2. E

    Priority Current Shimano 5 speed - First impressions

    So I finally bought the current from costco. I was expecting the enviolo, but it turns out Costco version is Shimano. That's what you get from not paying attention :D Anyways, its 800$ less than what the Enviolo costs, and is indeed a very good bike. I have done about 20 miles on it now...
  3. Dex365

    2022 Rize RX Pro First Look - I love this bike!

    Hey there! I received my 2022 Rize RX Pro last week and I am in love! I noticed there are not really any youtube reviews for the current model so I created a little first look video, link below. Have you all loved your Rize bike as much as I have?
  4. Ennovation

    Onlight Flash Sale (Upcoming review inbound, posting for Onlinght!)

    Hey guys! We're currently working with Onlight to do a review of one of their new models and they asked me to pass along a sale they have going on, starting tomorrow! The link below is an affiliate link, so please feel free to use, or not use :p Onlight Flash Sale (Affiliate Link) Like I said...
  5. Ennovation

    Ecotric Hammer - Electric Bike Review

    Okay, it's all handheld and not "buttery smooth", but I tried my best ;) Hope you guys enjoy my take on the Hammer from Ecotric. (I'll put the specs down below as well!) Hey guys! We are checking out the Hammer from Ecotric! This retro beach cruiser has fat tires, a laid-back position, and...
  6. Curiouslearner

    Need reviews on the particular bike models

    Ecotric vortex Ecotric lepord If any of you are a current or past owner or have test ridden it please give you opinions and reviews and also I would like to hear your take on how trust worthy ecotric brand is in its self
  7. E

    Cube reaction pro 625 - review request

    Hi, thinking about this bike - if I can get hold of one. would really appreciate if anyone has One and can share their thoughts. Cheers!
  8. S

    Quick & Dirty Topeak Tetra Review

    This is a quick blog post about the Tetra M2 Rack + Waterproof bag vs. my eMountain Bike (XM-D2). I doubt anyone on here has the same bike, but I hope this is useful to someone.
  9. A

    Why I won't buy another Rad Power bike (aka support your local bike shop)

    I recently bought a RadCity, and you know what? I love it. It's my first electric bike, and I don't have a ton to compare it to, but I'm very happy with it. When it works. Unfortunately, it has problems, and some of those problems are compounded by the fact that Rad Power bikes are mail order...
  10. Barkme Wolf

    Endura Strike II Waterproof Glove Review

  11. Barkme Wolf

    Bike Glove Video Review

  12. Reema Ylla

    1 month with the VoltBike Mariner

    Hello, A fellow youtube by the name of GixrGuy brought to my attention that i should post my review and get some feedback! Thanks for taking the time to watch it. Ill be bring more videos about my experience through the year, i hope to get feedback from all you.
  13. Barkme Wolf

    Helmet Cam Video Review

  14. Barkme Wolf

    5000 mile review

    My feelings about the experience after 5000 miles of riding an electric bike.
  15. Barkme Wolf

    Hardware Store Padded Work Gloves Great for Cycling

    A review of affordable padded work gloves-
  16. Barkme Wolf

    Roswheel Handlebar Bag Video Review

  17. Barkme Wolf

    Trekking / Butterfly Video Review

  18. tastybento

    Juiced CrossCurrent Review

    Hi! Newbie here. I bought a Juiced CrossCurrent Class 3 Pedelec a month or so back and have clocked up around 250 miles on it so far. I thought I'd share my experiences. A few stats about me - 6'3" and 205lbs. The CrossCurrent grabbed my attention for the relatively low cost, good looks and a...
  19. kermit_xc

    New Base Turbo has arrived - first commute observations

    Ordered on Monday - picked up Saturday, quick stroll home - strip the cockpit from "required by law" equipment and took it on my daily commute route Bike: 2016 Base Turbo XL Distance: 22.4miles Moving Time: 1:13:11 Elapsed Time: 1:21:07 (stop lights) Avg Speed: 18.4mph (major head wind)...