1. D

    ST1 recoup 2 even when battery is at 100%

    My two year old ST1 used to only display RECOUP 2 when breaking if the battery was under 70% full, which is the expected behaviour. Now i notice this happens even when the battery is at 100%, and I'm worried this is going to damage the battery by overcharging. Does anybody how this can happen...
  2. R

    Cadence sensor toggle switch

    I have a RadCity that as far as I can tell, has regenerative braking, charges the battery while costing and going down hills without pedaling. The problem is that there is no way to charge the battery while pedaling. I think that all I need to do is add a switch to the cadence sensor. With...
  3. Dan Salas

    How much do you think the Vello Bike self-charging claim is for real?

    The Vello bike folks are making quite an outrageous claim on their bike's ability to re-charge to 100% while riding, therefore theoretically will never need to be connected to an outlet. With exception to a few quick write-ups, I've not read any third-party posting that substantiates these...
  4. Chris P

    Radwagon Renegerative Braking activates without engaging brakes

    This evening, I was riding down a long gradual hill and halfway down the regenerative brakes engaged which made it really hard to keep a decent speed. I wasn't pressing the brake levers (I even tapped on them a few times, but that didn't help). After I stopped at a light, and started up again...