powerpack 500

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    Used Bulls Cross Lite E 2016-17 /CX-500Wh - Greater Seattle area $1,325

    Bulls Cross-Lite E 2016-17 with Bosch Performance Line CX mid-drive motor and Bosch PowerPack 500 battery and Intuvia display – this is a great pedal-assist commuter or leisure bike. Frame size: 50 cm; good condition with many upgrades. One of the key advantages of this bike is its weight – it...
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    Charging a Bosch Powerpack 500 Battery, 3D printed connectors

    I was looking for a way to charge my Bosch Powerpack 500 in my car. I was able to design/3D print the Bosch connector. I figured out how to put the battery in charge mode ( ). Once I figured that out, I created a Grin Cycle Satiator charger cable ( ). From my tests, I can charge at 6.5A. 7A is...