ohm electric bikes

  1. michaelohm

    OHM Black Friday Sale 2023!

    Hello everyone, Our #BlackFriday Sale is now live! Our biggest sale of the year. Save up to $2,300 off all OHM e-bikes. 👉 More info: https://www.ohmcycles.com/pages/black-friday
  2. antboy

    Considering adding an IGH to my Shimano E6100... upgrade or not?

    Looking for advice/experiences adding an IGH to my bike. The bike is an OHM Cruise with the Shimano E6100, and the drivetrain is a 10 speed Deore (11-36 tooth), with 42 tooth chainring. The display is the larger SC-E6100 so all kinds of cockpit info there, including gearing info. I don't NEED...
  3. Daniel@OHMCycles

    Keep the rubber-side down! Hello from OHM Cycles :)

    I wanted to introduce myself to the great crowd here in this cozy forum. My name is Daniel Henderson. I am the North American Sales Coordinator for OHM Cycles! I have had the pleasure of meeting some of you folks either abroad at trade shows, while riding bikes, or at our new HQ in North...