izip e3

  1. Kaskades

    From a Buffalo to a Gazelle, First Ride Turbo Vado 5.0 EQ

    I just upgraded my Buffalo (IZip E3 Moda) at 55 lbs to a Gazelle (Turbo Vado 5.0 EQ) at 35 lbs. I used the E3 Moda as a commuter bike and put 1987 miles on it in two years (I don't ride November to February). My goal with the Vado is a nimbler bike to use on my commutes into Portland...
  2. Urbanmtndew1

    Question about the Izip E3 Vibe+

    This weekend I have purchased an used 2016 Izip E3 Vibe+. It has some wear from the looks of a pannier. Over all looks to be in good condition. But when I went to pick it up there wasn't a key to "unlock" the battery pack. Due to my living situation I do not have an inside storage area where i...