1. D

    Haibike FullSeven LT 9.0, brand new motor

    I am selling my 2019 Haibike FellSeven LT 9.0 with brand new Bosch Performance Line CX. The bike has 1400 miles, the motor has 12. Also new are the cassette, chain and chainring. Size is XL Also included are: - Three sets of tires: Schwalbe Smart Sam (installed), Bontrager LT4 Expert (great in...
  2. Alexis Hadjisoteriou

    Hello from Cyprus

    Hi all, Been mesmerised by Court's videos on YouTube and caught the e-MTB bug well and truly. I'm a 58-year-old "recycled teenager" (according to my friends) and list kitesurfing as my main passion with MTB a close second. I am overweight (95kg - 210 lb) and I would say a fairly confident...
  3. D

    Haibike Hardseven/Fullseven RC: compatible child seat?

    Hi, I going to purchase an electricial MTB and I like the Haibike Hardseven/Fullseven RC. I'm going to ride alone 50% of the time and 50% with my child. Considering the particular form of the frame, I'm asking myself of their are some compatible "bike child seat" (Type: Romer jockey confort)...