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    New Lectric folding e-Trike for sale in SW Colorado. Only ridden 9 miles!

    Hello! This bike is perfect for adults with mobility or coordination challenges. I purchased it in September 2023 for my mother to try. She has been wanting to join the bike rides I take with my 8 year old daughter. However, she hasn't ridden a bike in decades and after just a handful of...
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    [SOLD] 2021 Hydra - Medium Archon X1 - Seattle, WA - $4250

    As the title states I'm contemplating selling my Hydra. I paid $6,400 in June 2021 and it was delivered in late October 2021. I've put a little more than 700 miles on it since. Asking $5000 $4250. Reason for selling is that with my weight (140lb) it's just a bit too much bike to wrestle with...