first ride

  1. C

    New CCX - Love it

    On Friday, I received my new CCX. At my first chance on saturday, I got to work on it. Out of the box the only issue I had was the rear fender was rubbing, but that didn't take too much to fix. The front wheel has an ever so slight wobble, but it is hardly noticeable at all. Everything seemed...
  2. Captain Walnut

    My first commute on my new CCX, real world range of a heavy rider

    What fun! I did my first commute to work today on urban bike lanes and bike trails. 12.6 miles in 43 minutes, 374 feet up and 581 feet down according to Google, and feeling great! 341Wh, 6.5 Ah, 12.6 mi, 26.8 Wh/mi, 52.7V remaining (if I understand the advanced stats screen). It helps that the...