first impressions

  1. E

    Priority Current Shimano 5 speed - First impressions

    So I finally bought the current from costco. I was expecting the enviolo, but it turns out Costco version is Shimano. That's what you get from not paying attention :D Anyways, its 800$ less than what the Enviolo costs, and is indeed a very good bike. I have done about 20 miles on it now...
  2. Qamera

    Turbo Vado SL 4.0 EQ - First Ride Comments and Questions From Newbie

    Why I went e-bike: I just turned 65. I run 15-20 miles a week and do a half marathon about once a year. Last year I did a trail half. But I figured I should start to cross-train and take some of the pounding off my knees, and also try something new! So I did the homework and pretty much knew...
  3. Eheller

    2020 Turbo Vado - Early Impressions!

    Well, after months of research, much of it at this awesome site, I took the plunge and bought a 2020 Specialized Turbo Vado 3.0. Picked it up over the weekend. And wow - I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. All I want to do is ride this bike. Two rides this weekend, 17 miles...
  4. Captain Walnut

    My first commute on my new CCX, real world range of a heavy rider

    What fun! I did my first commute to work today on urban bike lanes and bike trails. 12.6 miles in 43 minutes, 374 feet up and 581 feet down according to Google, and feeling great! 341Wh, 6.5 Ah, 12.6 mi, 26.8 Wh/mi, 52.7V remaining (if I understand the advanced stats screen). It helps that the...
  5. E

    My first ebike...refurbished crossedcurrent

    Ive been riding a fairly cheap Fuji hybrid for about 10 years and finally added a juiced crosscurrent For commuting and leisure. Price: 9/10. I paid a little over 1200 directly from juiced for their refurbished 10.4 ah L black using a recent promo code Assembly: 9/10. very easy. I'm not...
  6. kermit_xc

    New Base Turbo has arrived - first commute observations

    Ordered on Monday - picked up Saturday, quick stroll home - strip the cockpit from "required by law" equipment and took it on my daily commute route Bike: 2016 Base Turbo XL Distance: 22.4miles Moving Time: 1:13:11 Elapsed Time: 1:21:07 (stop lights) Avg Speed: 18.4mph (major head wind)...