1. J.R.

    "It's not on fire, it just overheated"

    That's what he said to a passerby, as he tried to blow it out. Then this: He calls it an ebike, I call it a moped. This guy just lost a brand new $6000 bike! Very sad and laced with a little dark humor. "Get an ebike, they said, it'll be fun." We really need to tighten up our import...
  2. James Kohls

    Apparently it needs to be said: Do not clean your eBike with gasoline!

    "Investigators say the fire was accidentally started when gasoline was used to clean an e-bike. Damage estimate is $60,000."
  3. Lenny

    This happened..! Very upsetting

    Fortunately, no one was hurt! still very upsetting. More than 90 bikes were damaged! We always try to avoid Li-Po's but Li-ion can be quite tricky at times. We are yet to find out the root cause. The fire personnel are working on clearing the place. We received several calls from our local...