1. TimDean

    Trek FX+2 charging issues & charger reset

    TLDR: Trek FX+2 won't charge, no LED on charger, bike charge lights initially come on for 5 seconds then go out. Was told charger needs resetting, but no idea how you do that. Video of issue below. I have a new Trek FX+2 commuter bike and since day one I've had some charging problems...
  2. Jet boots jon

    Newbie with a Brose issue.

    Hi all. After being a fan of a Scott Aspect hard tail, I decided to get a Scott E-Aspect as my first e-bike. Local Scott dealer was unable to get the model I wanted, so advised me to find one on the net, so I did. I was going on holiday in Belgium, so found a huge Scott dealer who had just what...