1. E

    Eunorau UHVO hall sensor issue

    My Eunorau UHVO broke down with hall sensor error only after few miles of use! the company hasn't provided a replacement hub motor for a month now! so I'm looking to see if I can fix or find a replacement hub motor. Could the magnet displacement cause the hall sensor error? also motor itself...
  2. M

    Eunorau G20 Cargo - A User's Experience

    Hi All, Brand new to this forum, but I recently purchased a Eunorau G20 Cargo e-bike so I thought I'd share my user experiences, from ordering, assembly, riding experience so far, the good, bad and ugly of the bike, and of course answer any questions that people may have. When I was...
  3. Bruce Flash

    What do you think about EUNORAU ebike?

    大家好。 我是 EUNORAU 经理,Kevin 5 年前创建了这个品牌,我已经在这个品牌工作了 4 年。 我想听听美国市场消费者的反应。任何建议将不胜感激。 如果需要任何帮助请告诉我,我们的团队将提供技术支持。
  4. B

    Eunorau Max-Cargo

    Hi all I have been looking at this bike and been in touch with their reps in China looking to import one to Sydney where we have a lot of steep hills. While I would love some of the more expensive E-Cargo Bikes that are out there - I simply cannot afford the $5-7,000 I would need to spend on an...