dual hub ebikes

  1. Davy2011

    Dual Wheel Ebike Build

    So I have these two 500w motors my local bike shop gave me which is nice. To top it off, one of them has a controller, regen brakes, pedal assist, and a throttle. It just needs a battery. The other motor doesn't have anything for it but I had a idea. I wanted to make it a dual wheel since...
  2. SCIFIcrab

    DIY Dual Motor EMTB/Cargo Suggestions

    I am relatively new in the world of ebikes, but have good experience working on bikes from my time working at a bike store. My current ambitious project is to build an ebike capable of hauling up to or near 100 pounds of cargo in off road condition similar to a bike packing mtb setup, but with...
  3. C

    Dual Hub Ebike Batteries

    I have a 36v 500w front wheel ebike now and want add another rear wheel 36v 500w kit and run both kits to one throttle powering both motors to one battery, but I'm confused about the battery. What size battery should I purchase for this type project that will not damage the motors, controllers...