dual batteries

  1. Dima

    Hi! Could someone please clarify how bosh will handle this dual battery ( not from the factory situation ) , diagnostic tool do not see any problems.

    I am asking about calculation of the trip distance and over allocation of the power of batteries Tnx a lot !
  2. G

    Priority just released a second battery option for the Current.

    When looking at ebikes, I had a lot of criteria that I wanted to meet. Unfortunately I couldn't find one that had everything I wanted. I ended up going for the Priority Current which ticked every box for me, except it didn't have a second battery. I still ended up getting it, because it offered...
  3. RandyRides

    Run Multiple Batteries at the SAME TIME on your RIDEAL

    Want to connect 2-3 batteries up to your ebike, in a very simple and easy to perform installation? Check this video out!