controller wiring

  1. candyskullinked

    Help with Daymak Bluetooth Controller

    Hello Everyone, Just wondering if anyone possibly has a wiring schematic for the daymak bluetooth controller(DMK1892). I have a 48V Daymak Wildoose Ebike and I just replaced the controller with their newer Bluetooth one. Didn't realize how different the connectors were until it was delivered...
  2. Deke206

    ebikeling 48v 35amp 1500watt modding to fit harness

    Hi, I'm a handy person who is in search for practical knowledge on a couple of intriguing things: The first and for most item is a controller from ebikeling 48v 35a 1500watt. I am most interested in and wishing to learn is about the board itself what the noted points are for? How can I test...