1. K

    Help me pick between RadCity 2018 and RadRover 2018

    Hi I am new. I want to get my first Ebike after tax season. I plan to use it on the multi-use trails. Most of these trails are a good 16 miles one way so about 32 miles overall some having a few hills here and there. I will do some city riding as well. Was wondering which 2018 version would best...
  2. Redeemed

    Radcity slower than Radmini

    So, my wife and I ride our Rad's to work most days. Her mini slowly walks away from me, and I'm peddling hard in 6th gear on PAS 3., and she is running the mini in 4th gear on PAS 4. Also when using just the throttle, the speedometer reads 19.3 - 19.5 on flat ground...never 20MPH. Is that normal?
  3. Phil Peyton

    What type of e-bike fleet should I buy? City streets / no hills / sea level / coastal town

    Hey folks! New to the forum! I recently took an e-bike tour in Paris and fell in love with the e-bike (not so much with Paris). Was thinking of doing e-bike tours in my town since we have a lot of great historical sites and the market could probably support it. Details: Coastal town (sea...
  4. Tara D.

    Zeitgeist City

    Very nice high end bike. Some features that I do love is the integrated battery and that all the wires are run through the frame keeping it nice and clean and from a distance it does look like a regular bike. The hub motor is hidden by the 180 mm disk brake rotor and 10 speed cassette. LCD...
  5. J