1. Thomaslje

    Are the Chinese Stealth bomber worth anything

    Hello. I have seen this bike/moped and I was wondering if this is worth anything or it is a load of crap. I can see the bike/moped has a motor of 1500W, what speed do you think that will give me, I am hoping for the 28 mph mark as I need one for my daily commuter and that speed will do alot for...
  2. Gene Keyes

    NYT re e-bike turmoil in Beijing

    Interesting facts and statistics. — GK Beijing’s Electric Bikes, the Wheels of E-Commerce, Face Traffic Backlash BEIJING — A squeal of brakes, the screech of...
  3. R

    Fat Tire Beach Cruisers - Same Bikes with Different Names?

    I'm considering a Fat Tire Beach Cruiser because I like the upright riding position and the fat tires can help offer a smooth ride. I've found quite a few online that all seem to be the exact same bike from China, they just have different names. Here are the one's I've found so far. E-Lux...