1. PedalUma

    Anybody Going Crotchless?

    Hey, Anybody going crotchless out there. How do you like it? ,
  2. britannic

    ST7 Gates Carbon Drive CDX Belt Part # Needed

    Only the top half of my ST7 Gates Carbon Drive CDX belt part number is available and what there is already worn after a couple hundred miles. I counted the teeth and came up with 113. Does anyone know if this is correct part number? 11M-113T-12CTS BLACK (other colors are: BLUE or BLACK W/R)...
  3. John.JCAT

    New from London, Ontario, Canada - Specialized CREO SL Comp Carbon XXL

    I am 75 years old this year and am retired. In my past cycling career over 35 years, I have been very active in the local cycling clubs as a Touring Director, riding typically between 6,000 and 12,000 Kilometres per year, riding in summer and winter, going on cycling vacations and commuting to...
  4. E

    Menu options for Momas Carbon

    Hi, I need help and insight on how to navigate through the menu (secret menu?) of the Momas Carbon. I would like to change the speed display from kph (stock) to mph. Court's pre-prodcution review on the Momas Carbon has a diffferent lcd and button layout than the production version. A...