1. N

    Petite rider ISO basic, lightweight ride

    I'm new to the ebike world, looking for a relatively lightweight ride to give just a little more oomph to my speed on mixed-use urban roads, and add some fun to my errand runs. Background / use: My "analog" bike is a 1980s touring Trek with very aggressive geometry and razor-thin tires. I...
  2. Sopa

    (Sold) 2019 Cannondale Synapse Neo Ebike szM - $2,000 obo

    Bought new in 2019, this gravel ebike is my daily commuter. Upgrades include Topeak MTX quick track pannier and trunk, Schwalbe G1 gravel tires set up tubeless, newish bartape. This is an awesome commuting set up, weighs 47.2 lbs, and is a joy to ride. Bike is maintained at the Trek store, so...
  3. E

    3500-4500$ Ebike, help me choose

    Looking for a mid drive commuter for gravel and city roads. Typical commute is 15 miles or so, and would like to have sustained 20-25mph speed. I have shortlisted the following Cannondale Tesoro Neo X2 - 4100$ Trek Allant+ 7S - Trek - 4050$ Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 - $4000 Gazelle Medeo T10+...

    HELP: Trek Allant 8S or Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 1

    Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 1 or Trek Allant 8S? I want a Bike to pull my two kids on a burly trailer and do 50 miles per ride, I’m a strong rider that does 50-100 miles solo on analog bike with the trailer but get me super tried pulling kids, so I want ebike to make it more fun. I bought a 2021...
  5. S

    Neo - coverting to mullet

    Has anyone attempted a mullet conversion on a neo?!? I have a Habit Neo, (29 er) I understand that the standard habits have a flip chip for geometry but I dont think the Neo has one??.. Im aware of the pros and cons of the conversion, but still quite keen to attempt it. However not sure of...
  6. F

    How does Pedal Assist on the top Electric Mountain bikes compare to Rad Rover/Volt Yukon etc

    I want to get back into mountain biking. And I have owned a RAD ROVER E-bike for 3 years now. I actually love it. But its not a "mountain bike". Obviously The Rad rover has a throttle, and also pedal assist 1-5. And the Top name mountain bikes (Specialized,Trek, Cannondale, Haibike etc) Are...