bosch performance line

  1. D

    Bosch Performance Line VS Bosch Performance Line CX

    Hello guys, Im looking into buying a new ebike, but i need some advice. After cycling alot on my girlfriend her ebike with Bosch Active Line Plus motor i decided that i wanted to buy one for myself too. After some searching a quickly found out that these two perfectly fit my needs. Cube...
  2. S

    Bosch Enginge Swapping ( Active Line for Performance Line)

    Hello everyone, If someone could help me with dillema I have. I bought 2019 Scott Sub Active e-ride ( ) But winds are getting strong in Denmark and sometimes it feels like it needs more tourqe. And I'm thinking about...
  3. J

    Used Bulls Cross Lite E 2016-17 /CX-500Wh - Greater Seattle area $1,325

    Bulls Cross-Lite E 2016-17 with Bosch Performance Line CX mid-drive motor and Bosch PowerPack 500 battery and Intuvia display – this is a great pedal-assist commuter or leisure bike. Frame size: 50 cm; good condition with many upgrades. One of the key advantages of this bike is its weight – it...
  4. catzilla

    Walk assist on Gazelle NL not available?

    I bought my Gazelle NL a couple of weeks ago and one of the feature I liked is the walk assist. Being a heavy duty compact utility bike, I thought the walk assist is a standard feature on the NL. My dealer contacted Gazelle and their answer is that walk assist does not come with the NL in...