bosch intuvia

  1. J

    Used Bulls Cross Lite E 2016-17 /CX-500Wh - Greater Seattle area $1,325

    Bulls Cross-Lite E 2016-17 with Bosch Performance Line CX mid-drive motor and Bosch PowerPack 500 battery and Intuvia display – this is a great pedal-assist commuter or leisure bike. Frame size: 50 cm; good condition with many upgrades. One of the key advantages of this bike is its weight – it...
  2. Jmedvm

    I could not remove my Intuvia controller on my-new-to-me 2017 Gazelle C8 NL there is a very tiny locking screw!

    I have a new-to-me 2017 Gazelle C7 NL with an Intuvia controller. I am an E-Bike newbie and just figuring it all out. I wanted to remove the Intuvia as suggested when I lock my bike up somewhere (oh my goodness my Auto-Incorrect kept changing “lock” to “lick”??!!) . I also live in Arizona and it...
  3. N

    Intuvia Display tech

    Can anyone tell me why the Bosch Intuvia display has an internal battery? Once depleted it’s very hard to replace... There’s a connection from the display to create a power source / communication link with the battery pack. WHY does the display need a battery at all? Other displays rely...
  4. catzilla

    Walk assist on Gazelle NL not available?

    I bought my Gazelle NL a couple of weeks ago and one of the feature I liked is the walk assist. Being a heavy duty compact utility bike, I thought the walk assist is a standard feature on the NL. My dealer contacted Gazelle and their answer is that walk assist does not come with the NL in...
  5. IggyBBR

    Does anybody know where I can replacement cases and parts for the Intuvia Display and trigger?

    Went for a quick trail ride yesterday, while rolling over a log I lost control (on some wet leaves and mud) and went over the bars. After picking myself off the ground I noticed that the tabs which holds the display snapped off. I manage to continue by reattaching the display with a few zipties...
  6. Over50

    Bosch Intuvia battery

    Just wondering if anyone knows how to tell if the battery inside the Intuvia display is fully charged? I went through the settings and read the manual and don't see any info on a battery indicator for the display itself. Here's what the Bosch Intuvia manual says: To charge the internal battery...