1. MartinBrossman

    The mobile app made by Hyena does not work correctly with the Trek Electra Townie Go! 7D Step-Over

    I am new to Electric Bicycles and love my new Townie Go! 7D Model 5262211. I was excited to find and get the Hyena app for it, and the power adjustment feature is great. The only problem is both the Trek store and the company don't seem to have worked out the bugs in it or the relationship...
  2. B

    Android Navigation App That Let's You Choose The % Of Uphills

    Hi, Is there a free app (without constraints of time, about the number of maps, etc., totally free) in which one of the criteria to choose a route is the percentage of uphills? For instance, I want my route to have less than 5% uphills. Thank you for your help. Cheers
  3. Turbo Vado Pip

    Hello Turbo Vado friends everywhere / 2019 Range / Missing App!!

    Hi all. Happy owner of a Vado 4.0 I see that Specialized has now updated their website (UK) introducing a new flagship model, the Vado 5.0 The changes made to the 2017/18 Vado 4.0 model including moving the rear light from the pannier to the rear mud guard are also now showing on the...
  4. B

    When will Bluetooth be activated on Vado?

    Picked up my Vado 4.0 from LBS in Comox BC. Love the bike, but disappointed to see that the Bluetooth hasn't been activated yet. I've read through the forum and consensus was "some time in Nov 2017", but we are past that now. Any rumours when it will be activated?
  5. Denis Shelston

    App for E-bike ?

    Just musing here.... would be nice if there was a device that could directly connect to popular controllers on E-bikes to collect data from your trips: mileage, PA used when and for how long, time with PA on Zero and full pedal mode, with exact distance for that segment, full stats on battery...
  6. J