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  1. E-bikewolf

    Buying first E-Bike and wanted some opinions or facts about 2023 Freesky Rocky 3?

    I've been shopping online for 3 weeks & after research etc. No local shops carry it so no test rides. It's not on any lists, good or bad. If anyone can tell me opinions and/or facts about it. Also if anyone knows of bikes that may be equally or better equipped in the $1200 range. Thank You.
  2. ebike888

    Hello From Sunny California

    Hello Guys, I am glad to be part of this forum. I love riding ebikes. I own about 8 ebikes so far and making videos about ebikes on my Dad's Channel . I love to hear feed back about your ebikes , feel free to share
  3. T

    Customer Service lags, but they finally responded

    Edit: as of March 14, M2S has responded to all my questions and I'm satisfied. It took them over a week, but the answers came. They said they are swamped.....I have no doubt they run a small staff, but I'm prepared to place an order and expect the best. Previous original post: I'm seriously...