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    Corroded a New Chamrider E-bike Battery and Warranty Lie

    Hi everyone, I bought a Chamrider 48V18.6AH ebike battery on the last black friday from Aliexpress(their official seller). I'm posting this to warn others about Chamrider seller and looking for a way to fix it. Because of the long winter, I could have mounted it to use in April on my bike. I...
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    My TSDZ2 casing broke. Are shell replacements worth it or should I consider other options?

    My TSDZ2 cracked down the center while climbing a steep hill. This caused the gears to separate enough that they could no longer grip each other. If you're wondering how on earth this happened, I have some guesses but I'm no engineer. For one, I left it out the "fixing block" since it didn't...