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  1. motorteach

    Error 21

    Hello ispeak3, First of all I hope your Juiced Bikes CCS is not under warranty... (Look for my post about the same problem as you are experiencing around this website) Their solution: My CCS was under its early warranty period (around 4-months) when I started to experienced the same failure...
  2. motorteach

    Upgrade controller for regenerative eAhora bikes?

    Hello brindisi68, I have the X7 Plus. I am interested in purchasing your controller. I am located in So. Cal near Disneyland. Are you still interested in selling?
  3. motorteach

    How can I disable the Cruise control on the Yolin YL80C LCD?

    Hi gadgetqueen, On my ebike that uses the Yolin YL80 LCD Display (Eahora X7 Plus), I am able to turn on or off the "cruise control" option by holding the Plus/Up button. If the "Heart rate" icon is displayed, the cruise control is enabled. And of course you know that if you hold the throttle...
  4. motorteach

    Tannus Armour Liner Noise

    Well by now I hope you found the problem of your sqelching" sound... That being said, I noticed that the beads of my tires was not fully seated when I installed my Tannus Armour inserts. TIP: I deflated the tires and used Windex glass cleaner to lube the tire bead all around on both sides...
  5. motorteach

    Settings on Yolin YL80C Display for X7 and XC100

    Update: First, simultaneously press the UP + DOWN buttons for more than 2-seconds to enter the General Settings... Second, press the DOWN and "I" simultaneously for more than 2-seconds to enter the wheel diameter settings interface. I hope this update will assist you.
  6. motorteach

    Settings on Yolin YL80C Display for X7 and XC100

    Hello zzRider, I have the eAhora X7 Plus... In my Yolin YL80C pdf, it states LD: "Wheel Diameter" & LS: "Speed Limit" are both located in "General Parameter Settings" under the Wheel Diameter Setting Interface. On my bicycle I cannot enter General Parameter Settings, therefor I cannot enter...
  7. motorteach

    X7 Power issue

    I just purchased the EAhora X7 Plus. I have experienced the same on/off power surges. (I also don't like this) I changed the PAS level ratio. A quick way to experience what the PAS reprogramming can offer is to change the default PAS 0-3 to either 0-5, 0-7, or 0-9. I ended up using PAS level...
  8. motorteach

    Is X7 Front suspension adjustable

    I have a EAhora X7 Plus, and the right fork leg has a lockout feature. The left leg appears to be the preload adjustment. I can turn it about 6-full turns. Try to turn it counter clockwise, first. This will be easier as you are lowering the preload spring. Let me know if this works for you.
  9. motorteach

    Eahora X7-Plus 750w

    Did you ever resolve this question?... I am researching to purchase the Eahora X7 Plus like yours, and wondered if you ever resolved this question. Thank you in advance
  10. motorteach

    Cross Current S Battery

    Hi Ndogo, How does your extra battery compare with the original battery that came with your CrossCurrent S? In other words, do they give the same performance and mileage? Thanks for the tip!
  11. motorteach

    Ripcurrent S Replacement Chain

    Hello IOUZIP, I have a Juiced Bike CrossCurrent S. When new, I measured the chain, and I knew that I should think about a replacement chain for the future. (It was already on the longer side) Since we have hub motors on our Juiced Bikes, any good quality 9-speed chain should be the call. The...
  12. motorteach

    CrossCurrent S Clicking Fixed

    Hello CCFixer, I also have had problems working with Juiced Bikes Service and Warranty issues that they can't seem to be able to resolve. They gave me the runaround, and created delays to avoid the service issue. Bottom line, Good Bike, Terrible Customer/Warranty Service That being said, I...
  13. motorteach

    Is the Bafang motor used on the Crosscurrent line customized for Juiced?

    I found this website... This is the clutch/gear assembly that they ( said that is a replacement part for the SWX02 Bafang motor. (Juiced Bikes CCS motor) Does it look like the one you replaced? I...
  14. motorteach

    Has anyone replaced the clutch gear assembly on their CC(S,X)?

    Hi youth, I have a Juiced Bikes CCS that is having the same problem. Where did you purchase the replacement clutch? Also, did you replace the clutch and continue having the same problems during Critical Mass?... Or maybe it was not a quality part? I would think that since there is a lot of...
  15. motorteach

    Love my CCS, losing patience with Juiced

    Hi PeteH, I am going through the same "groaning sounds" problem on my Juiced Cross Current S. It was interesting to discover that our problem seems to be a common problem on ebikes using geared hub motors. (Currently today, I have less than 600 total miles on my CCS ebike) So here is my...